Interview Paper

   Interview a unity academy counselor. The article must enclose the following: Abstract, Introduction (stating what conciliate be discussed in the colloquy article), Name and appellation of individual colloquyed, Background (composition knowledge and composition narrative), Current Composition Environment, Career Services offered, Training, Current Client Population, Counselor’s Role, Personal Counseling Philosophy, Theory Guiding Counseling Practice, Assessment Services, Day-to-Day Activities at Counselors Job, Professional Development, Rewards amid the Field of Career Counseling, Frustrations amid the Field of Career Counseling, Strategies for Advocating for Diverse Clients, Strategies Used to Facilitate Career Development, Strategies Used after a while Special Populations, and References  MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 10 PAGES!!!! PLEASE USE THE SAMPLE INTERVIEW PAPER ATTACHED AS AN OUTLINE TO THE PAPER!!!! 100% NO PLAGIARSISM!!!! The article must be submitted in Microsoft Word; Times New Roman font; 12 pt. font size; margins 1” on all sides; double-spaced.  The assignment should be written on a disequalize plane and allusions used should be cited amid the discourse and documented in a allusion register using APA styling.