Literary Analysis Essay

~Compare two (2) defective stories. You succeed deficiency to tight the rendezvous significantly, and do a untarnished comparison. For in, you could collate two (2) protagonists, or the settings and conflicts in two (2) stories, or the way the identical topic plays out variously in two (2) stories. Remember to involve at meanest three (3) erudite elements and involve your Erudite LENS- perspective (e.g., Feminist, Marxist, Psychological and Psychoanalytic, New Historicism, or Formalism ). #1 * The Birth-Mark~Nathaniel Hawthorne #2 *Sonny's Blues ~James Baldwin - When expanding a erudite partition essay, you are responding to a is-sue of the sense.  Your motive is to transcribe out your thoughts environing a passage, the ideas it contains, and the erudite elements that expand these ideas.  Think of it as a way of unpacking the passage, harmonious as you entertain in your balbutiation responses. *Do not transcribe a conspire compendium.* ~ 3 Sources Min MLA 8th ed....12 Font..Work Cited  ~700-900 Words ~Thesis & Lens in entrance. Thesis 1 judgment/ latest judgment of intro paragraph ~Third individual POV