major case analysis presentation

As students entire the required Main Occurrence Analysis, they are too under obligation for completing a PowerPoint or Prezi introduction (or introduction that uses another misapply technology) highlighting their findings. rubric attached The recommended diffusiveness of the introduction is 8-10 slides after a while audio comment middle. The introduction must be misapply to college-level effect, prove exact separation of the occurrence, and be detached of spelling and phraseology errors. The introduction should plan the Main Occurrence Separation submitted in Module 7 and comprehend the main topics that sift-canvass the Main Occurrence Analysis. It should too comprehend the exact-thinking topics comprehended in this course: making claims, use of indication, recognizing and validating assumptions, causal claims, and being affable. Students are detached to prefer any community for the occurrence; so-far, they are strongly encouraged to prefer a publicly held community that is listed on a main hoard remodel in the U.S. so protracted counsel may be obtained for the occurrence separation.