Marketing (2 Parts Required)

   The mind of this assignment is to precede scrutiny cognate to how Coca-Cola utilizes instruction cognate to attribute and advancement to cause trafficing projects that obtain encounter occupation needs including their positive trafficing objectives, to assess and effect adviseations encircling the trafficing strategies that accept been filled domiciled upon the consumer and traffic scrutiny, and to reveal these findings to organizational stakeholders. Part 1: Continuing in the role of a trafficing professional who has been tasked after a while completing a trafficing project for a client, Precede appended scrutiny cognate to attribute and advancement and use it to entire the "Marketing Project Partition and Presentation: Part 3 – Scrutiny Template." Part 2: Add to the PowerPoint delivery you caused in the Topic 5 assignment by creating five to eight appended slides that digest your trafficing project partition domiciled on the scrutiny you accept precedeed encircling attribute and advancement. Slides should oration each of the key areas listed beneath and should involve logician notes that teach how the congregation could accept used what it knowing encircling consumer comportment, consequence or labor, and pricing to aid it enucleate a trafficing project in appoint to encounter the congregation's trafficing objectives and occupation needs. When creating the delivery, supply links to restricted YouTube and collective media residence examples that explain the running congregation messaging and advancemental techniques. The last delivery should supply a capacious behold at how the mark promotes their consequences to customers. Based upon what you knowing from your scrutiny and diplomacy toll, advise a diplomacy the congregation could exercise to acception income and sales to the target traffic. Involve two or three last slides that digest and defend your diplomacy adviseation. Please Utilize the roar fast Template and stout PowerPoint to ADD too.  Also involved is a grading rubric. Thank you