Module 2 SLP BHD 404

Module 2 - SLP *****I HAVE ATTACHED MODULE 1 SLP YOU COMPLETED***** PLANNING HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMS: NEEDS ASSESSMENT For this rudiment of your SLP, domiciled on the general heartiness subject-matter you separated in Module 1 SLP, delight debate the following: What behavioral factors swing the drift? Which of these behaviors are past grave and which are past pliant to heartiness promotion/ interposition? Which behaviors would you drawing a program/interposition for domiciled on these considerations? What environmental aspects appear to too like the heartiness posterity you separated? What are the predisposing, enabling, and reinforcing factors for the heartiness behaviors you authorized? Include any environmental swings. What policies, instrument, and situation can expedite or above your proposed program/interposition on the factors you authorized? If you were doing a pur-pose in existent career, and this would be a general pur-pose, how would you gather your needs duty postulates? What would be your postulates sources? SLP Assignment Expectations Please frame assured that all assignment questions are specifically answered, that your answers are pure, and your Nursing Dissertation is polite organized. It is grave that you dissect the knowledge you perceive in multiform instrument, protect applicable areas, formulate conclusions, and procure plenty profundity, conjuncture paying observation to language, spelling, and punctuation. Properly refer-to your references and stipulation your Nursing Dissertation to a consummation of 3 pages. Your assignment allure not be gaitd until you possess submitted an Originality Noise after a while a Similarity Index (SI) mandible <15% (barring straightforward quotes, quoted assignment instructions, and references). Papers not discourse this limitation by the end of the cabinet allure admit a mandible of 0 (gait of F). Papers after a while a inferior SI mandible may be returned for variations. For model, if one condition accounting for barely 10% of a Nursing Dissertation is cut and pasted, the Nursing Dissertation could be returned for variation, resisting the low SI mandible. Delight use the noise and your SI mandible as a lead to mend the originality of your effort.