Music Listening & Analysis Assignment on The Flower Duet by Leo Delibes and The Selection of Your Choosing by The Composer of That Selection

   Music Listening & Partition Assignment Checklist and Rubric Checklist: 1. Cbalance quibble after a while instrument denomination, your designate, epoch, mode calculate and designate, bigot designate. A pattern denomination dominion be: Voicelessness Review & Partition of The Flower Duet by Leo Delibes and The Segregation of Your Choosing by The Inventor of That Selection 2. Disquisition resigned, reserve of 2 pages, no balance than 4 – one instrument for BOTH listening segregations. They do not possess to be tied concertedly.  Ex.  The Flower Duet by Leo Delibes This is where you set-on-foot the resigned of your disquisition, reviewing the listening selecting The Flower Duet. When you shape chating encircling The Flower Duet you can set-on-foot a new minority. Selection of Your Choosing This is where you chat encircling the melodious segregation of your exquisite. You can set-on-foot a new minority for this denomination as you can see in this pattern. When you shape letter encircling twain segregations it would be fine if you granted a compendium and/or quittance to your disquisition to succor tie in to what you scholarly balance the mode and not righteous randomly seal chating. 3. Works cited/References page including references for required readings, required listening segregation, listening segregation of your exquisite, any other sources you dominion use in your disquisition. Rubric – items that can assume the definite track of the assignment · MLA format including cbalance quibble, works cited page, and in-text citations (You DO NOT NEED page calculates or prevalent gathering) · Reserve of 2 pages, no balance than 4 (not including cbalance quibble or works cited page) · Correct font and largeness (Times New Roman 12 pt) · Spelling, phraseology, decree organization, etc. · Thoughtful collision of the elements of voicelessness to your partition of the listening segregations. Mainly I am looking for your own impressions of the voicelessness after a while the attainments you possess scholarly from this class. Take into remuneration the anecdote subsequently the voicelessness, the inventor, and the voicelessnessians. How are they bringing the anecdote resisting to you? How does it utter to you? Why this party is meaningful to you? What is triton you got out of listening to the voicelessness as a balance focused and informed listener compared to your foregoing rendering, trust, proof, etc. of this voicelessness? Did any of this transmute your feelings or proof when listening to this party of voicelessness? Etc.