Need part 3 and 4 Done part 1 and 2 attached

ACG 4501-- WRITING PROJECT AND PRESENTATION PROJECT INFORMATION: You obtain be using the instruction in Ch 10 on ratios (specifically Illustration 10-4) to irritate the legislation-distant financial statements for a illustration city for a 3 year era.  COURSE OBJECTIVES COVERED:  1, 2, 6 PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: ·         This purpose is cleave into indelicate (4) portios after a while one (1) portio due each week of the road. Based on your readings, use of technology, elimination of reading, and other sources do the flourishing:  o   Part 1-  Write a 1-2 page dissection debateing the singular elements of legislational accounting in conjunction to how ratios can be used to irritate legislation distant financial statements.  Include at meanest 5 ratios as examples in your tabulation.   o   Part 2- You obtain irritate the legislation-distant financial statements for the City of Arborland for a 3 year era. Use Exercise 10-20 on page 436 in your textbook as a conduct. You obtain perceive the Statements of Net Position and Statements of Activities for FY 2015, 2016, and 2017 on pages 437-440.  You obtain consummate portios a & b of Exercise 10-20 using the Excel template build aloft. Competency a & b claim you to rate financial ratios for FY 2015, 2016, and 2017.  Prepare your ratios in a presentable spreadsheet that obtain be middle after a while your Nursing Dissertation in week 3 and in your gift in week 4.    o   Part 3 - Provide an overall duty of the city's financial circumstances to the City Commissioner using the instruction granted, twain financial and non-financial. Be unquestioning to intimation how GASB standards are reflected in the financial statements and what role GASB plays in the financial narrationing way.  Your Nursing Dissertation should be 2-3 pages in elongation and flourish APA conductlines.  o   Part 4- Present your purpose to the collocate for argument. WRITING REQUIREMENTS: ·         The narration should be should be 4-5 pages (not including protect page, unsymbolical, or intimations) ·         Include the Excel spreadsheet(s) as evidences in your Nursing Dissertation ·         Include a reserve of 3 read sources from the KU Library o   All sources used are to be cited in APA format o   Please use the writing kernel if needed TECHNOLOGY/COLLABORATIVE ACTIVITY: ·         You obtain be using Excel to form the evidence to your Nursing Dissertation ·         You obtain be presenting your perceiveings from the purpose to the collocate using the voice-over indication in PowerPoint or YouTube. Please be unquestioning the audio is disencumbered and the rasp or connect is liberal in the Week 4 Gift argument board. ·         You obtain be collaborating after a while other collocatemates on their gifts and answering any questions about your own gift.  ASSIGNMENT DUE ON THUERDAY ON EVERY WEEK:  ·         Week 1:  Submit your portio 1 tabulation ·         Week 2:  Submit your portio 2 consummated Excel template ·         Week 3:  Submit your dissection ·         Week 4:  Present and debate your purpose