rate of return

  The aim of this assignment is to recognize the tyro an occasion to weigh the blame of repay of equity and liability instruments. It recognizes the tyro to conceive the effects of dividends; important gains; inflation blames; and how the pretended blame of repay affects valuation and pricing. The assignment as-well recognizes the tyro to direct concepts cognate to CAPM, WACC, and Flotation Costs to conceive the govern of liability and equity on the fraternity's important edifice.  Assignment Steps Calculate the aftercited problems and provide an overall tabulation of how companies form financial decisions in no further than 500 language, established on your answers:  Stock Valuation: A store has an modereprove consume of $100 per divide, remunerated a dividend of $2.00 per divide during the year, and had an extent divide consume of $125. Compute the percentage entirety repay, important gains furnish, and dividend furnish. Total Return: You bought a divide of 4% preferred store for $100 decisive year. The chaffer consume for your store is now $120. What was your entirety repay for decisive year? CAPM: A store has a beta of 1.20, the expected chaffer blame of repay is 12%, and a risk-free blame of 5 percent. What is the expected blame of repay of the store? WACC: The Corporation has a targeted important edifice of 80% contemptible store and 20% liability. The consume of equity is 12% and the consume of liability is 7%. The tax blame is 30%. What is the fraternity's weighted middle consume of important (WACC)? Flotation Costs: Medina Corp. has a liability-equity harmony of .75. The fraternity is because a new introduce that allure consume $125 darling to place. When the fraternity issues new equity, it incurs a flotation consume of 10%. The flotation consume on new liability is 4%. What is the modereprove consume of the introduce if the fraternity raises all equity extraneously? Must bear exhibition all calculations