REality, Art, and Truth

  Instructions Reality, Art, and Truth. This 6-8 page essay assignment earn be completed in three tonnage and earn entice upon the symbolical from Weeks 1, 2, and 3. You may absence to use minority headers to adjust your tract. Remember to decipher the theories you relation delay supported citations to the textbook and online lectures in redress APA format. Here is a direct to succor you delay APA-style citations. Use this APA Citation Helper as a timely relation for correctly citing media. This is the connect for the booK PLEASE USE THE BOOK FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT! I. The Self Discuss the avocado effect of the stubborn and decipher at smallest one statement of the effect that rational men-folks entertain a shared adventitious species.  Contrast this statement delay the artichoke effect of the stubborn (cunning upon phenomenology and existentialism to unfold your statement) and a argument of how the modern/avocado and postmodern/artichoke effects of the stubborn be-unlike. You may use your dissection from the Week 2 and 3 argument assignments to unfold your statement in Part I. II. Fidelity and Reality Discuss how these effects of the stubborn are notorious in art by choosing an illustration of a character/narrator/matter in a labor of art (novel, lay, film, described strange, soon anecdote, television illusion, lyric, painting, etc.) who you fancy captures the avocado/modern effect that we entertain an adventitious, shared rational species and that the stubborn and the earth are unenjoy entities. Then, adopt an illustration of a labor of art that you fancy make-clears the artichoke/post-modern effect of the stubborn.  Consider the forthcoming effects and questions in your dissection of these two illustrations: Are the stubborn and the symbolical earth unenjoy entities, as Descartes fancys? What are some illustrations of symbolical art that make-clear the effect that the matter/mind and the end/world/body are unlike? Alternatively, are the stubborn and the earth fundamental unities, as Schelling argues? How agency thin figment pointed this uniformity of matter and end?  Is art mimesis/truthfulness (as in Platonism and Aristotelian aesthetics) or is it a instrument of transforming the stubborn and genuineness? Agency it be aspirational, allowing us to complete catharsis, as Aristotle suggests? Consider, too, how the effect of art as fidelityfulness is related to the avocado apprehension timeliness the effect of art as transformative is past enjoy the artichoke apprehension. III. Art and Philosophy What is the sympathy among art and philosophy? Do you coincide delay Descartes that logic and crucial fancying are the best instrument of achieving positiveness environing genuineness and entity, or is your apprehension past related to the perspective of Keats, Schelling,  Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and/or Heidegger that art is the last pointedion of fidelity? How are these apprehensions a repudiation of the unless convergence we see adopted by sciolism and rationalism and unusual by phenomenology? Do some kinds of art (music, for illustration) pointed the fidelity past abundantly than others? How so? How does the effect and aim of art be-unenjoy counter cultures?