In the principal paragraph or two of your principal life memorandum, gladden consider on your foregoing experiences, if any after a while environmental expertness and environmental issues. What new things do you confidence to glean in this order? What concerns or fears do you possess environing this tabulate? What strategies to you project to put in locate to address them? In another one or two paragraphs, distribute your thoughts environing the principal week of tabulate. What did you glean? What experiences continue out for you? What tasks or obtaining did you meet opposed or frustrating? What activities did you meet marvellous or interesting? Looking forward, what are your intrigued or watchful by in the remedy week of the order? Finally, establish a inventory of at last five lifestyle changes you project to confide to making for your order-long Ecological Footprint Reduction Project.  Once you possess commemorative them in your life, you should inaugurate portico those steps and maintenance a weekly life archives of your efforts. You obtain repute on the results in a tabulate argument in Week 5.