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  Cheryl Montoya chosen up the phone and determined her boss, Wes Chan, Vice Chairman of Marketing at Piedmont Fasteners Corporation.    Cheryl: “Wes, I'm not believing how to go about echoing the questions that came up at the convocation after a while the Chairman yesterday.” Wes: “What's the gist?”. Cheryl:  “The chairman wanted to perceive the break-even aim for each of the  company's works, but I am having disaster figuring them out.” Wes:  “I'm believing you can touch it, Cheryl. And, by the way, I demand your  analysis on my desk tomorrow early at 8:00 acid in spell for the  follow-up convocation at 9:00.”      Piedmont Fasteners Corporation makes three unanalogous investment  fasteners at its manufacturing quickness in North Carolina. Data  concerning these works answer below:     Velcro Metal Nylon   Normal annual sales book 100,000 individuals 200,000 individuals 400,000 individuals   Unit selling figure $1.65 $1.50 $0.85   Variable absorb per individual $1.25 $0.70 $0.25     Total unwandering expenses are $400,000 per year. All three works are sold in exceedingly competitive markets, so the  association is insufficient to elevate its figures after a whileout losing unacceptably wide  numbers of customers. The association has a very talented barren work arrangement, so there is  no inauguration or ending exertion in rule or finished-goods inventories. Using the module readings, the Argosy University online library  resources, and the Internet, learning break-even aim and absorbing  systems. Analyze the event urban on your learning and what you entertain  learned so far in the line. Respond to the forthcoming: Calculate the association's overall break-even aim in whole sales dollars. Explain your methodology (closely 2 pages). Of the whole unwandering absorbs of $400,000: $20,000 could be avoided if  the Velcro work were dropped, $80,000 if the Metal work were  dropped, and $60,000 if the Nylon work were dropped. The retaining  unwandering absorbs of $240,000 be of niggardly unwandering absorbs such as  administrative salaries and laceration on the factory structure that could be  avoided merely by going out of employment altogether (closely 2 pages): Calculate the break-even aim in individuals for each work. Explain your methodology. Determine the overall advantage of the association if the association sells  exactly the break-even part of each work. Present your results. Evaluate absorbing arrangements for this association. Explain if this association  should be using a job-order or rule-costing arrangement to learn  costs (1 page). Be believing to include your calculations in Microsoft Excel format. Write a 5–6-page rumor in Word format. Apply APA standards to  citation of sources. Use the forthcoming finish naming convention:  LastnameFirstInitial_M3_A2.doc.