Anlysing of Tv Commercial

The Selected TV Retail We accept selected a television advertisment of bKash, a Brack bank concourse, for our loving assignment. bKash is a employment providing concourse newly instituted in Bangladesh which mission is to stipulate financial employments allowing fellow-creatures of Bangladesh to protectedly grant and accept capital via sensitive devices that are suitable, affordable and true. The TV retail in details: Here on the add Sokhina is the ocean actress who is a apparel worker and uses bKash constantly to grant capital abode to her extraction. She narrates how bKash has made her personality so investigateable easier, and how it is transforming the lives of everyone environing her too. How the other fellow-creatures are being benefitted by bKash according to this catalogue are describing subordinateneath. Her neighbor Milon is a driver who used to accept his compensation in coin. Milon is glad owing bKash is a ameliorate instrument to continue his capital protected as he does not accept a bank representation. He does not need to coin out the total total at a season. Ronnie is the son of the Chairman of Sokhina’s village who is a university learner and lives on campus detached from abode. He needs to pay his schooling fee urgently and calls his senior to grant him the capital through bKash. He so safe his senior not to be worried to facilitate the capital as merely he knows the pin jurisprudence to mould the capital coin. Soo it is enclose equal the cell phone is obsolete. Intermittently her madam Nina buys some groceries from a nearby superammunition and happily pays delay bKash at the ammunition. Nina likes paying delay bKash as it is unsophisticated, suitable and she no longer needs to raise coin. According to the TV retail at offer granting or receiving capital using bKash is merely likely subordinate Grameen Phone and Robi network throughout the province. WEB link: http://www. bkash. com/video/something-everyone If facing any total gladden mark http://www. facebook. com/Zelius. Miraz? fref=ts TARGET MARKET ANLYSIS Consumer chaffers can be segmented on the aftercited customer characteristics. * Geographic * Demographic * Psychographic Geographic Target Market: If we investigate encircling the geographical target chaffer for bKash on the cause of the catalogue then it would be the total Bangladesh where the network of GP and Robi is beneficial as it talks encircling granting and receiving capital from one end to another. Demographic Target Market: Age: Fellow-creatures of ages 18 to 50. On the add we accept seen that Ronnie, a university learner, needs to use bKash for the cancelment of his schooling fees intermittently on the other influence Sokhina grants capital to her parents through bKash. So all of them are the target chaffer of bkash. Gender: Twain male and womanish. Income: Fellow-creatures who realize capital and do not twain are the target chaffer of bkash as it is providing one cast of banking employment. Occupation: Employment Holder, Driver, Students, Housewife, Farmers, Businessman etc. ccording to the catalogue merely. Psychographic Target Market: Social Class: Lower, intermediate and higher. Attitude and beliefs: Security sensible. Behavioral Target Market: Benefits sought: Sokhina the garment worker describes encircling the benefits of bKash. User status: Potential and formal. OBJECTIVE OF THE ADVERTISEMENT The ocean external of the catalogue is to induce the fellow-creatures of all sectors specially including apparel workers, other inferior realizeing fellow-creatures, learners and housewives to use the financial employment of bKash. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR