Technical Fame Requirements You achieve use the format of the season from Week 1 as a train for your brochure. Title at the top of the foremost page (no heading page) Use your spectry as the fabricator followed by the University knowledge.  Stance on the present line Name, Department of Computer Science and Knowledge Systems, A&M-Commerce Headings in the brochure involve the following Abstract – courageous font Keywords– courageous font Introduction– courageous font Other important headings as needed– courageous font Subheadings as needed– NO courageous font Conclusions– courageous font References– courageous font Other requirements Minimum of 10 pages unmarried spaced – not including considerations or illustrations Times New Roman - 12 object Standard margins – 1 inch top, floor, left and right ‘In citation” quotations and allusion inventory at the end must be in APA format Tables must be signed as a Consideration after a while a compute and heading (stance - Consideration 1 Inventory of Parts) Figures must be signed as a Illustration after a while a compute and heading If you did not cause the consideration or illustration you must involve an ‘in citation’ quotation so the reader can confirm the cause of the illustration or consideration. References at end must be in alphabetic regulate – see season from Week 1 for unravelling format for the finished allusion. The URLs under comprise knowledge about citing allusions in the citation of your instrument, ‘in citation quotation’, and creating the allusion inventory at the end of the instrument. Use APA format in the fame for allusions at the end of the brochure and the ‘in citation’ quotations.  This format was used in the season in Week 1. Read the PDF instrument in the DocSharing module about plagiarism, “how-not-to-plagiarize” plain by the University of Toronto. 0 %0 of 1 topics finishedShow grounds consideration for This chart displays the compute of finishedd topics versus the aggregate compute of topics after a whilein module Week 5.. List of Topics and Sub-Modules for Week 5 Draft 1 - Technical ReportAssignment Submit Exhaust 1 of your technical fame hither.  Include an updated account of your delineation at the commencement of the instrument and initiate the exhaust of the fame on a new page.  I do not rely-on you to revolve in a 10 page brochure at this object.  Approach writing the brochure as suggested in the YouTube video you should conception (a join to the video and an delineation of this video written by someone is involved over).  I am rely-oning to see that you made corporeal speed in the organization of the brochure.  At this object it is not hazardous that you dislodge all positive errors in what you own written.  Submit a Word finish. File Name:  LastName_FirstName_Draft1.docx or .doc Must be submitted on span to assent-to security for this assignment