case study 7

In this scenario, you enjoy been paid as networking consultant by a nonprofit structure that deficiencys to relocate their ocean station to a new structure counter town. The new residuum succeed endure of 40 users. The structure has a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) cunning, so productioners succeed deficiency twain a wired netproduction for their desktop computers and a wireless netproduction for their ductile devices.  The netproduction succeed so endure of one IBM iView Document Center and two HP 4230 LaserJet printers, which deficiency to be networked and unsettled using twain the wired and the wireless network.  Before the natural production can initiate, you succeed deficiency to bring-about divers recommendations to the client. Your recommendations should embrace the elements listed beneath. · Beneficiaries: Write a style of who succeed trace trodden avail from the design and how they succeed avail. ·  Deliverables: Write a style of the computer netproduction hardware requisite to set up the computer netproduction and the requisite software and protocols. Your deliverables succeed include the aftercited features:  type of NIC (wired or wireless),  routers or wireless entrance points or twain,  cables and connectors to tool a natural network,  any other deficiencyed netproduction hardware,  natural and argumentative netproduction topologies,  Internet Protocol (IP) account (IPv4 or IPv6) and the infer it was clarified, IP address pool for the network,  Doocean Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and  any other netproduction software element.  Ensure your contingency consider is at smallest three pages in protraction, not counting the style and intimation pages. Your monograph should be double-spaced, use 12-point Times New Roman font, and include one-inch margins. Section headings are encouraged to succor adjust your monograph. Your monograph must be written using APA format.  Cite a stint of three beginnings, two of which should be peer-reviewed, academic, or erudite to stay your responses. At smallest one beginning should conclude from the CSU Online Library. All beginnings used, including the e-textbooks, must be cited.  ******NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE******