D1. Van Duzer’s big-picture thinking

   Van Duzer’s big-picture thinking (as delineated in Why Concern Matter to God) can be interpreted as follows:  · Creation—God created all things good-natured, including concern;  · Fall—all things possess prone from that primary good-naturedness;  · Redemption—God has redeemed and is transforming all things end to their primary good-naturedness, including concern; and · Consummation—Christ procure render and introduce in the totally cool nature and world, wherein concern-like intelligence may quiet be conducted, but wholly so. What is your vindication to Van Duzer’s big-picture thinking? What are 3 akin implications for the role of rational contrivance bud (HRD) as a strategic power in any concern? Write your vindication in a Microsoft Word muniment. Your written vindication must be in present APA format, double-spaced, and 400–700 say. Include a relation page, and be abiding to possess in-text quotations for the forthcoming sources: · At smallest 2 quotations from Mello (2015). · At smallest 1 quotation from Van Duzer (2010). · At smallest 2 quotations from akin skilled journals (e.g. Rational Contrivance Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Strategic Rational Contrivance Management, Journal of Biblical Integration in Business, Christian Scholars Review).