Fire Protection Technology

The textbook suggests that there is some disagreement balance the prize of standpipe and hose systems as it may grant spurious warranty to structure occupants. Some price having a standpipe hose may engender the impact that occupants should contest energy smooth though a safer mode would be to decamp. What are your thoughts? Do you price occupants should contest energy? Do you price they should decamp? Why, or why not? Please conceive the call of the special or investigation to which you are replying in the material method. For specimen, "Tom's counterpart-among to Susan's expound." ALSO PLEASE REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOW  Frank: The primeval existent big investigation that I entertain environing the scenario is "are the inhabitants that are forceing to contest the energy serviceable such as a energy brigade??"  Most energy brigade members recognize when ample is ample and they obtain besides abandon.  My vindication is existently isolated.  The vindication is NO, they should abandon.  If they are part-among-among of a energy brigade and they are serviceable by their congregation for true responsibilities, then they could force to tardy down the energy some.  Overall, as an official, I do not scantiness civilians left atail troublesome to contest energy.That fashions further of a quantity than a disruption. I'm further than absolute there are no SCBA's give or structural PPE, so if the energy is existently "cooking" all they would be balancecame straightly and befit a dupe that we would entertain to after furnish.  As an official, that would fashion me entertain to put myself and my staff at a eminent raze of counterpart-among as well-behaved-behaved a eminent raze of surrender to entertain to go in to furnish them.  Our job obtain constantly entertain ingrained surrenders, but it fashions things alot less emphasisful to explain the emphasisors that we can.  For those that are not "energy oriented" in the rank, there is a big unlikeness to responding to a energy when the structure is abandond versus after a while recognizen entrapped civilians.  It puts a entire eminent raze of emphasis on everyone that is responding.  The primary goal is then to furnish the dupe and energy contesting afters succor.  If there is no one in the energy, all consideration is placed instantly on energy contesting and we tranquil appear for inhabitants as we quench the energy.  So tail to the pristine investigation, civilians should abandon or flourish their congregation's necessity plans in period of energy, not try to contest it.