Gospel Fluency Project

   Gospel Fluency Contrivance Instructions You are required to divide the Gospel at smallest uninterruptedly, succeeding a while a peculiar who does not self-identify as a Christian. This experiment must captivate situate during the career of this 8-week career—you may not news encircling an confront that took situate precedently the career launched or achieve captivate situate succeeding the career ends or that you submitted for another systematize. It is recommended that this witnessing experiment captivate situate succeeding a while someone that you perceive and already feel a intercommunity succeeding a while.  For this contrivance, you must transcribe at smallest 1,000 opinion using the headings bolded below:  1. Context: Here, you must define the matter of this colloquy in at smallest 200 opinion.  2. Gospel Content: Here, you must define the Gospel pleased of your colloquy and how you went encircling entering into a Gospel colloquy. This must captivate up at smallest 300 opinion. 3. Fluency Critique: Here, I insufficiency you to advert on what you divided succeeding a while this personal, and elegancy your own clarity of the Gospel grant. Succeeding the colloquy, are there strengths or weaknesses in your grant of the Gospel? This must captivate up at smallest 400 opinion.  4. Gospel Fluency as Spiritual Discipline: I insufficiency you to deliberate how you can frame Gospel fluency a order in your common,ordinary personality and colloquys. Here, I insufficiency specifics, rather than indefinite ideas encircling how you could do this. I’d approve to attend further encircling firm plans for doing this. This must captivate up at smallest 100 opinion.  This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.