HSA 6175 1

Discussion 1       Healthcare consumes  Rising consumes in heartinesscare entertain driven the activity to be further fiscally lawful.  Some of these are: A) the aging population B) technology C) direction drugs D) continuous diseases E) obedience and litigation.  Pick one question and decipher how it is increasing consumes in heartinesscare and what you would do as a overseer to moderate them. (200 - 300 say) Payment systems  Medicare transitional liquidations to hospitals from consume domiciled to DRG in 1983.  What advantage or surrender did Medicare allure by changing the liquidation erection? What advantage or surrender did the hospitals allure by this qualify? As a hospital overseer, what are some of the things you can do to train admissions domiciled on DRG liquidation. (200 - 300 say) Contracting after a while Heartiness Plans Cost mutation has befit further stipulated in the activity.  Briefly examine how, as a hospital, it may govern your negotiation after a while a heartiness contrivance.  Also conceive in your examineion at smallest three items on the abbreviate diction you omission to conceive and why. (200 - 300 say)