Making Decisions- Discussion- Due 2/16/19

DUE 2/16/19 BY 13:00! Minimum of 2 unimpaired paragraphs Consider this Scenario: Mike has recently lineal a sizable aggregate of specie and is looking to endue it.  He is regarding distinct options and has met after a while a enumerate of financial advisors to acceleration him tight down the options and flow where to endue his funds.  Some of the advisors are insinuateing funds that entertain characteristically been hard but unsuppressed performers, but are installed on products and services that are not environmentally kindly.  Since Mike is very furious environing aided and indemnifying the environment, he consults after a while other advisors who insinuate that he align his enduement management after a while his warmth. They approve distinct funds that are as-well hard performers, but not totally as foul as those funds that do not aid environmental issues.  Mike needs to find a relatively hasty resolution, as the tax deadlines are looming. Question to be answered: Given the results you got on your resolution-making and creativity assessments, how would you endue the funds if you were Mike?