Planning for the Unexpected

  Activity #3: Submission Read the circumstance scenario and then delight transcribe 1-2 paragraphs responding the aftercited questions using APA formatting. Delight succumb your assignment to your educationist. Planning for the Unexpected Unexpected situations fall all the era, and the over you cunning for them, the amend easy you'll be when developing software. Your employees allure get into accidents, reduce viruses, and diseases, and proof other morals issues. These scenarios direct to unplanned travel, which can cast your cunning cunning into a tailspin. What can fall to a cunning when a key employee suddenly quits or is distressing to go on short-term unfitness? When reviewing all the contrariant SDLC methodologies, which one offers the highest flexibility for unplanned employee downtime? If you could select when your employee was listless, which view in the SDLC would be the safest for your cunning to remain and complete good-fortune? What can you do to fix that you are preparing for unplanned travel on your cunning cunning?