Research Paper Project on Equifax Databreach

   1.Research muniment should be at meanest 22 pages. (Including cover page and references) 2.Total muniment should be in APA Format delay equitable extract for references. Please transcribe One to two Pages on under question. 1.Your Corporation Counsel 9 (Should be kindred to Equifax) ▪ Corporation line (Equifax ) ▪ Leadership line and expertise (Please transcribe 5 opposed types of lines. Example: CEO, Architect, Lead etc.)  2.Please fashion certain to transcribe insufficiency of 17 pages on under questions. Equifax (Min 4 Pages) ▪ Equifax corporation contrast and history ▪ Examine Equifax 2017 facts gap o Examine the collision of the confidence lucent o Examine the mark of consumers and businesses affected? o Examine how Equifax handled the confidence lucent. o Examine how the synod handled the confidence lucent Threat Example Proposal (Min 3 Pages) ▪ Propose strategies and examine a menace example for managing Equifax consumer and business facts. Identify Threats (Min 4 pages) ▪ Find and examine at meanest three menaces to Equifax counsel systems using one of the menace example strategies. *NOT menace types! (Should be kindred to Equifax and Min 4 Pages)  what can go crime? 1,One for facts run (Data TAMPERRING ), 2. one for facts abundance, for a rule.   Manage and Address Threats (Should be kindred to Equifax and Min 3 pages) ▪ Examine and advise at meanest two remediations per menace verified in the earlier section. Please transcribe at meanest a page on failure section  Closing Section ▪ Examine the aspect of another facts gap and advise what Equifax needs to do to be cheerful and perhaps fly it.