these are dqs not a paper

I demand 2 passages for each dqs twain after a while a hundred utterance in each passage  and 1 up to epoch references. ORIGINAL WORK ONLY!!!  I demand 2 passages for each dqs a hundred utterance in each passage after a while 1 up to epoch reference; i don't keep the page for the dq PLEASE furnish it; ORIGINAL performance simply... week 8 dq Total Rewards Knowledge 7: Planning Benefits Strategically Internal  and superficial intensitys accomplish very-much contact organizational strategies and  this is too the subject after a while strategies for planning employee avails. On  page 484 of the textbook, re-examination the roll of interior intensitys that  rule avail manoeuvre and select any 2 that you reach dominion keep the principal rule and teach why. Then, select 1 superficial intensity influencing avails manoeuvre after a while the principal rule and too teach why. week 9 dq  Total Rewards Knowledge 8: Refinement and Aggregate Rewards Visit the subjoined website: and re-examination the counsel. After mind the counsel, make your subject (be local and pertinent) why organizational refinement must be considered when developing a seductive aggregate rewards regularity aimed at aptitude luck. week 10 dq   Total Rewards Knowledge 9: Engaging Employees Please design the subjoined video in its entirety: the spectry of the video is The Power of Total  The  focus of the video is tying aggregate rewards to overall employee  engagement. Now, you must disclose to the important skill team in your own utterance exactly what that resources. Be creative after a while your acceptance and you may not use any references for your acceptance.