Art Assignment

   Unless inadequately stated, rejoinder in full sentences, and be believing to use punish English spelling and rhetoric.  Sources must be cited in APA format.  Your solution should be lewd (4) pages in length; appeal to the "Assignment Format" page for favoring format requirements. Part A Briefly mark-out art narrative as an academic opportunity installed on your reading of the readings in the textbook Introduction. Next, argue two of the spontaneous and cosmical threats to artworks that moment synchronous art historians. Provide favoring examples of threats, the artworks implicated, and how these threats influence the sense of the works by art historians. Your argueion should be installed on the knowledge in the textbook Introduction and throughout the textbook and Nursing Dissertation readings of the leading lewd (4) lessons. Part B Explain the reading of megalithic construction and dome structure, tracing its narrative from pre-historic art to the Renaissance. Begin your argueion describing the architectural innovations of the catacomb in Newgrange, Ireland and merge these innovations delay posterior examples of the tholos catacombs in Greece, to the Pantheon in Rome and terminate delay the Florence Cathedral. Your argueion should conceive a specification of conditions you use as mark-outd in the textbook readings and manifest an reading of the mergeions these structures enjoy in base. Works of construction to conceive in your Part B argueion: 1. Tomb, Newgrange, Ireland. c. 3000-2500 BCE. Located on page 29 in the textbook. 2. Interior of tholos catacomb, Mycenae, Greece. c. 1300-1200 BCE. Located on page 100 in the textbook. 3. Pantheon, Rome. 110-128 CE. Located on page 148 and 149 in the textbook. 4. Filippo Brunelleschi, Dome of Florence Cathedral. 1420-1436 CE. Located on page 307 of the textbook.