Can someone help me with my Week 1 Discussion 1 in Math 205 Quantitative Explorations in Everyday Life

  Your tutor conciliate consign you to one of the three clumps: Clump A, Clump B, or Clump C. Your tutor conciliate also consign you a calculate. Do the bearing grounded on the calculate consigned to you by your tutor. Then, rejoin to at meanest three incongruous peers from your own clump. The explicit clump discourse conciliate administration the similar as any other discourse. You conciliate simply be telling to entertain-a-share and debate behind a while those peers consigned to your similar clump. In ordain to opinion your peers’ effect and rejoin to their shafts, you scarcity to resign your completed effect by Friday (Day 4). You conciliate not be telling to opinion your clump’s shafts until behind you entertain replied behind a while your completed bearing. Also, re-submissions are not allowed in this collocate. Your primal shaft should be at meanest 250 utterance in diffusiveness. It should illusion all the required math effect and elucidate all the steps. Also embrace a humble regard for any used material. For example: Washington Shaft dated August 13, 2018 or retrieved from <url-address>. Your primal discourse line is due on Day 4 (Friday), and you entertain until Day 7 (Monday) to rejoin to your collocatemates. Your grade conciliate image twain the power of your primal shaft and the profundity of your responses. Carefully reopinion the Grading Rubric for control on how your discourse conciliate be evaluated.