Answer the subjoined questions. When it needs bear examples, references and in-text citations. Do thrive APA fashion throughout your letter. Answers should be reserve 2 pages, envelop measure, Times New Romans. 1.       When the misdemeanor rate falls in the area environing a certaintyory, what probably happens to  wages at the certaintyory? Explain logically. 2.       Consider the subjoined yield and call-for consideration for viands. Draw yield and call-for incurvation and sign the equilibrium expense and amount? Price($)     Quantity replete       Quantity call-fored 1                          10                                      75 2                           20                                     55 3                           35                                      35 4                           50                                        25 5                           60                                         10 3.       Immigration is a certainty of spirit in the United States. This allure direct to a big boost in the drudge yield. What ground would you rather be in: a ground where the call-for for your husk of drudge is buoyant, or a ground where the call-for for husk of drudge is obdurate? Explain?