Emotional Intelligence

   Please emblem your answers. Pay suspend watchfulness to spelling and expression. Double spaced, 12-point font, APA style 3 resources required Section 1: Define and Elimination “Emotional Intelligence” (3 article min) Define Emotional Intelligence. What is the indicate of the theorist who originate this doctrine? What 3 characteristics of tall Emotional Intelligence? What are 3 examples of low Emotional Intelligence? What does your elimination say environing the signification of Emotional Intelligence? Tell me 2 things you versed from your elimination that you root thrilling. Section 2: Answer these questions in (thorough sentences). (3 article min) What are two peculiar behavior that accept served you well-behaved? How amiable are you at accepting succor from others? How amiable are you at interrogation for succor? What is one of the inner battles to accept each day?  Who inspires you? Why? On an “average day” would you opine yourself a tall or low immateriality idiosyncratic? On an “average day” is your ocean centre on results and tasks or fellow-creatures and emotions? Section 3: Please transcribe a analysis of Emotional Intelligence and how you representation your own Emotional Intelligence plane. (Min 3 articles) please quit plagiarism  and call your sources