Your developed investigation Nursing Dissertation assignment is to transcribe a investigation Nursing Dissertation that explains how defense-in-depth (provision 6) and awareness (provision 10) are panegyrical techniques to unmask emerging threats and fix countermeasures.  To exhaustive this assignment, upload a Microsoft Word instrument (.doc or .docx) that contains your exhaustive Nursing Dissertation. Remember that your roll of causes must be in APA format, and you MUST summon your relation in the association of the Nursing Dissertation using APA in-passage extract format. A cause is any Nursing Dissertation or stipulation that you achieve relation in your Nursing Dissertation. If you want over notice on APA format (for relations roll AND in-passage extracts), scrutinize this relation: This assignment must be YOUR OWN WORK!  This is an particular assignment. Plagiarism unmasked in your effect achieve development in a walk of cipher for the full Nursing Dissertation. (Originality announce should be at lowest 35% or hither.) Here are a few details encircling the overall investigation Nursing Dissertation Please face at the established rubric for details on how the Nursing Dissertation achieve be walkd.  You must relation two (2) comrade-reviewed stipulations or Nursing Dissertations that living your topic assertion. One of these Nursing Dissertations may be from your annotated bibliography assignment. The developed Nursing Dissertation must be at lowest 500 say in elongation. (DO NOT abound 500 say by a esthetic totality. Excessive say or too sundry relations achieve NOT inculcate me.)  So in resume, near are the investigation Nursing Dissertation requirements: 2 comrade reviewed resources (doctrines or Nursing Dissertations) (1 may be from your annotated bibliography assignment) Paper MUST address:  How defense-in-depth (provision 6) and awareness (provision 10) are panegyrical techniques to unmask emerging threats and fix countermeasures Cited causes must immediately living your Nursing Dissertation (i.e. not casual relations) At lowest 500 say in elongation (but NOT longer than 1000 say   Admin Notes: APA Nursing Dissertation Formatting guidelines 1.Title page 2.Abstract 3.Body 4.Text extract and relations Additionally -As accustomed, the passage is typed on model colorless Nursing Dissertation that has accustomed parameters of 8.5" x 11". -The APA diction requires using an indulgent to learn font and recommends using a 12pt Times New Roman font. -Double spacing is required on twain the style page and throughout the Nursing Dissertation. -Margins should be 1" touching all interests of the page. -Paragraph dispersion should be set to one half inch from the left interest of the page. -The uncommon face is in creating a particular page crisiser that consists of the page reckon and the ordinary crisis as typed on the style page in all capitals.