Politics Discussion Question

 -Need it by tonight at 11 pm in Pacific Opportunity Zone. Please note the Congress video, review the extract, and meet to the questions below: After completing the questions, you allure be supporting your responses as your primal argument support. This primal support is due no succeeding than Friday at 11:59pm.  Students may NOT edit primal supports once supported.  Argument scores allure be based on the primordial support.  Your primal support should be a poverty of 8 lines in diffusiveness and be written in sentences (rather than upright listing the epistle, or a incomprehensive peculiarity). Before Sunday 11:59pm, gladden meet to two other classmates' primal supports (not follow-up supports) for Question #5, Part 2, after a while meaningful responses that discourse the material of their support. Each of these follow-up supports should be a poverty of 4 lines in diffusiveness. 1. What sign of benefit was earlier Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia talking about in this quote from a oration at Marshall University? a. Casework b. Patronage c. Pork-barrel legislator d. Franking 2. Which portion of congressional manner is most incontrovertible in these remarks from earlier Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia? a. Distributive tendency b. Party discipline c. Logrolling d. Agency loss 3. The committee plan of Congress portions a set of organizational principles. Which one is most likely the source of the earlier West Virginia senator Byrd’s prosperity in securing funding for his particularize? a. Jurisdiction b. Gatekeeping authority c. Oversight d. Seniority 4. In specification to the benefit breath effected by Senator Byrd, as graphic in the video, identify/describe other forms of benefit activities that legislators enact for their constituents that are discussed in the extract. 5. Earlier West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd highlights the diffusiveness of opportunity he gone-by on Capitol Hill. How does trial, or superiority, labor in Congress, and how capability it direct to prosperity in the signs of activities Byrd is describing hither? Part 2. Do you hold this is a settled manifestation of Congress? Why or why not? (You could to-boot construct this into a pro/con of superiority plan.)