Public Health Nursing

                                                                           Case Study Directions: For this assignment, retort the aftercited investigations domiciled on the instance examine, “Applying Exercise State of Alter to a Low-Income Undeserved Population”. Use total phrases when retorting each investigation. Answers to each investigation should be over than one phrase in tediousness. 1) What was the action alter supposition that was used for this examine? Why was this supposition separated? Do you reflect it was the best rare for this examine intent? How was this pattern measured? (4 points) 2) Who was the target population for this examine? Why was this population assemblage separated? (4 points) 3) Propose how political disparities may entertain been a content in the examine results. (4                                                                                                                                                                            points) 4) How can this examine be used for coming elimination on actional alter among this population assemblage? (4 points) 5) What are some limitations to this examine? Will these limitations move the applicability of the trans-theoretical pattern to other low-income populations? (4 points) Assignment Grading Criteria (Each investigation is desert 4 points)    Question Grading Criteria                                                                                         Points Possible   Subject experience                                                                                                                      2   Mechanics of congeniality (includes   spelling, punctuation,                                         1 grammar, phraseology use) Included an stance, supported   evidence, and/or rationale                           1   Total                                                                                                                                                      4 Score calculation:  Total earned   / 20 x 10 =