Lesson 4 Overview In this lecture, you must transcribe an essay on the theme of conditioning, retention, or motivation and perturbation. 4.1 Transcribe an essay environing conditioning, retention, or motivation and perturbation SSC130: Essay READING ASSIGNMENT Your plan must be submitted as a Word muniment (.docx, .doc). Your plan gain be individually triced by your schoolmaster and consequently may siege up to five to seven days to trice. Be firm that each of your files contains the forthcoming notification: Your spectry Your novice ID compute The exam compute Your email discourse. To successfully entire this progress, you must transcribe a scrutiny essay installed on notification institute in your textbook, Psychology and Your Life, by Robert S. Feldman, and three beyond sources. You'll pick-out one of the three themes beneath and transcribe an essay of six entire passages for or across the investigation substance asked. After presenting twain sides of the question, you'll create three titles to living your theme and inoculate the reader why your view is set-right. Topics 1. Instrument Violence: Does instrument rage reason raving deportment? 2. Cognizance Testimony: Is cognizance confirmation legitimate in the pursue of law? 3. The Opioid Epidemic: Are doctors who overprescribe opiate trouble medication causing the opioid infectious? Note: You’re to picked singly one theme for your paper. Process Copyright Penn Foster, Inc. 2019 Page 2 Progress Version: 2 Your essay must comprise the forthcoming: 1. A name page 2. Introduction passage and theme declaration 3. Theme setting passage that presents twain sides of the question 4. Body consisting of three title passages and livinging exemplification 5. Conclusion passage 6. APA diction regard page.