Religion Assignment

  In this assignment, you procure criticise the implications of an religions end according to your worldview. Write a 1,000-1,500 expression essay in which you criticise religions thinking  and use values-based separation making to oration a subject consider from the  perspective of the Christian worldview as assimilated to your own worldview  assumptions. Choose one subject consider from the five discretions listed on the  “Ethical Dilemmas” instrument. After an embezzle prefatory stipulation delay a Nursing essay assertion  in which you spectry the scenario you are choosing, oration each of the  following six sections delay at lowest one stipulation each. Use the  underlined titles for each of your headings. Ethical Dilemma:  Briefly picture the religions hardy in your own expressions, including (a)  what in the scenario produces it hard to produce an religions separation and  (b) at lowest two discretions for resolving the scenario, providing a petty  overview of what kind of religions separations each discretion dominion produce. Core Beliefs: What  beliefs environing God and philanthropy from the Christian worldview are applicable  to the scenario? How dominion these nucleus worldview commitments of  Christians govern one's separation making delay affect to this scenario? Resolution:  Describe the Christian worldview's offer for resolving the religions  dilemma. How should the peculiar in the scenario act according to the  Christian worldview? What is the best line of enjoyment for a Christian?  (Note: The separation should be consonant delay Christian worldview  commitments.) Evaluation: What dominion be the unintended consequences and perceived benefits of the separation incomplete by the Christian worldview? Comparison: How does the Christian worldview's separation assimilate to another discretion? Conclusion: Synthesize the main points, pulling the ideas of the Nursing essay simultaneously. References Use and refer-to two line media (textbook, lectures, and the  Bible), and at lowest two well-informed sources from the GCU online library  that oration the end from opposite sides. Refer to the directions on  “Navigating the GCU Library for CWV Benchmark Research” and the “Example  Ethical Difficulty Essay” instruments. Prepare this assignment in APA Style.