Select an organization to study and analyze (Home Depot), write a 3–5-page paper (excluding title and reference pages) assessing your organization and demonstrating that “You are clear on the problem to solve” (Milestone #1).

  Milestone 1 Focus Paper: Select an construction to consider and excite. This may be where you achievement, where a adherent or parentage limb achievements, where you originate, or perchance an construction that is exceedingly open delay a august dispense of notice beforehand advantageous. When selecting an construction, resurvey Chapter 1 of the passage and the “Five Milestones” of construction scheme. . For Unit 1, transcribe a 3–5-page tract (excluding address and relation pages) assessing your construction and demonstrating that “You are disengaged on the completion to solve” (Milestone #1). Include the following: Introduction of your separated construction. Research on the strategic priorities of your separated construction. Through the use of a SWOT decomposition, mark-out the  strategic priorities and any general gaps to be addressed. Based on the SWOT and gap identification, fit a disengagedly written completion assertion. This completion assertion procure be a driving ingredient for all following assignments. Analysis of the general recite of the Six Scheme Drivers (you may use a consideration to introduce strengths and weaknesses).  Analysis of the construction’s capabilities. Recommendations for scheme criteria biased to the construction (you may use a consideration to digest). Conclusion should briefly digest the elementary points of the tract and commend a circumvent to action. The Assignment procure be evaluated using the rubric located beneath. Therefore, gladden secure it is written delay suitable phraseology, in APA format (including disengaged exception headings), and includes at last three cited and relationd instrument — one of which must be a fellow resurveyed (scholarly) chronicle name.  Note: Your Assignments procure be submitted to Turnitin to assess originality.