Executive/Financial Summary of Existing Dental Clinic

It is the outsucceed of our severe toil, peculiar services, and the compute that we prepare to the customers that today there are 3 dental clinics of our in Polk County FL, which are on their facearm to bliss the customers through providing large dispose of services effectively. Our services grasp X-rays, cleansedings, Fluoride treatments, Sealants, Fillings, Difficulty extractions, and Oral hygiene knowledge. Our customers grasp mainly offspring and infantine adults up to the age of 20 after a while Medicaid coverage. Moreover, adult enjoin succeed too for difficulty circumspection, extractions, and supply, after a while Medicaid coverage. Our dental program extends optimum service and compute to the customers by providing those services at a sedate admonish, through desirable and knowing dentists, and structure brawny customer conformitys after a while them. In manage to be happy, we would extend our duty to other cities below the corresponding infamy indicate, make-known fellowship packages, and providing after-sale services for Free! Factors that would gauge our amiable-fortune would grasp increased popularity, awareness, communicate distribute, customers, and receipts. The dental program did not lawful set-on-pedestal and extended balance tenebrosity, in reality it was foremost set-on-footed in 1980 when the foremost clinic was discloseded at Auburndale. The apology from the face of the customers and balanceall enjoin was altogether important, due to which we enabled to disclosed a coopescold clinic in Bartow in 2007. The duty set-on-footed after a while providing services to the customers at low costs, aftercited the main topic of maximizing customer’s compute and providing them after a while circumspection. Although the dental program does feel a immense opening to ear vast receipts by elevation costs owing our customers are true and feel been visiting us for divers years, but the incitement after extending and subscription services at low costs is to suffice-for the man after a while the ardor for love-of-mankind. Nevertheless, there are some issues that vex the dental program such as, impecuniosity to honor the staff after a while exalted restoration, inferior motivation unarranged staff due to which they get absent, impecuniosity to extend the duty according to its unpatent transparent due to the bankruptcy of chairs, structure, and equipments. Not singly this, patients are not prepared after a while demeanor services as there are not competent funds adapted to the duty, and there is a exalted dependency of proceeds balance Medicaid CBR. If Medicaid CBR decreases, the exposure of our duty rises. Finally, divers cases succeed where patients do not feel sanity security and hereafter cannot pay the expenses in difficulty cases forthwith. Talking environing the Financial stipulations, the duty is making specie but not at the urge at which it should. Also, the expenses in single services and salaries are increased but not regard is entity laid on the understanding or regaining of new clinics in manage to extend. Not singly this, the disbursement on the loose excellent outgoings has past to the end pedestal where close gist are laid on the toiling stipulations, hygiene plights, and methods for loose the duty. Moreover, the expenses in contractual services feel increased that appearance the exalted turnbalance admonish of employees and close predilection of patients to feel fellowships. The forthcoming of our dental program is certain and gauge past the customers are true and feel been visiting us for divers years. A brawny rapport and conformity has been patent transparent, where divers of the customers do not select faulty toiling stipulations or hygiene plight as a privative summit. They are lawful solicitous to the services and their costs. There is frequently a immense opening for our dental program to extend and terminate further; hereafter, our facearm grasps putting further gist on the understanding of new clinics, seemly hygiene plights, and guardianship the employees amenable. Financial Summary Historical financial grounds and curves appearance that the proceeds for the duty has been increasing each fiscal year from all of the three dental clinics. And the senior chunk of proceeds succeeds from the commencement of Medicaid that is so on the bullish curve and is proving profitable for the duty. Similarly, the expenses are so hiking from the face of all three clinics. As it is transparent that the duty is not spending towards constructing new clinics and seemly the bulky clinics’ stipulations; hereafter, gist should be laid on investing further balance structure new clinics, increasing room, brining further chairs, extend the staff in manage to prepare further services effectively, rectify dental processes and procedures by bringing on new technology and equipments. Cost severe must be produced as to dodge uncalled-for expenses such as, spending in eatables, superfluous wandering, and defence of equipment. The rescue funds can be utilized in a meliorate way by investing it somewhere else. There are some competitors of our duty, one of which is Agnini Family Dental Center that prepares its customers after a while services love knob whitening, cosmetic remedial bonding, pregnant circumspection, and dental implants (Agnini, 2008). They feel a very enticing pliancy adapted twain for its employees and as well-behaved-behaved as customers, which is frequently kept cleansedsed and in a amiable curative requisite. We must hold to extend those services as Agnini do owing we are providing these services for divers years and hereafter feel advancement in it. Also, cost example is our senior competitive usage where low costs are full from the customers (Miner, 2007). References Agnini. (2008). Services. Retrieved on August 19, 2010. From http://www. agninidental. com/services. htm Miner. M. E. (2007). Organizational Behavior: From system to exercitation. Illustrated. M. E. Sharpe Publishers.