IT concepts major assignment

  A tax accounting established has been using Microsoft Access as a axiomsbase to trace their customers and their points for balance 20 years. Realising that it is duration for an upgrade, they’ve asked you to gain a sequence of monitions relative-to to guarantee, at-liberty plans and cherished of axiomsbase. Importantly, they are not discovery you to expand any software or generate the axiomsbase – solely to gain some monitions so that they understand how to receipts. They accomplish scarcity you to: Recommend a axiomsbase. Your two main cherisheds are MySQL or PostgreSQL, but you can gain a incongruous monition if you advance. As they are currently using Access, the client has already immovable that it no longer meets their scarcitys, so it is not an liberty. You accomplish scarcity to clear-up why you entertain made this cherished and assimilate that cherished to one other axiomsbase. Important: we entertain not expert axiomsbases in this road, so we don’t forebode you to entertain a lot of point on your sentence, but you accomplish scarcity to do some discovery into which is a improve liberty for a slender concern. Recommend and clear an at-liberty plan for their new server. This accomplish be relative on OS features and its compatibility to the axiomsbase you entertain recommended. Generally the cherished short accomplish be among Windows and Linux, but other at-liberty plans – such as the Mac OSX – are an liberty if you scantiness to engage that track. Make some monitions as to how best to touch and guarantee and train their backups. Recommend a process by which they can train the give of axioms from their true plan to the new plan uninterruptedly grounded. In enumeration, for testing purposes they accomplish scarcity to get this to run on a implicit muniment, so you accomplish scarcity to supply some (basic) instructions as to how to set up and manipulate the VM to touch the new software. Word name is 1500 language. Harvard referencing is required.