Video Questions

Based on the film Murder on a Sunday Morning, content confutation the interrogations underneath in a term muniment. Make permanent to include twain the interrogations and confutations in your assignment. Points earn be deducted if the interrogations are waste from your assignment.  You should suit to the interrogations as though you are reporting counsel environing the event to someone who knows pin environing it. Please still n ess that a one decision confutation earn not satisfy. A public adit for the tediousness of each confutation is at meanest one ample portion. If a interrogation has multiple faculty, content fabricate permanent to confutation all faculty sufficiently.  The subjoined guidelines earn be used when grading this assignment: CCJ 3934 Writing Assignment Rubric Questions (each interrogation/response is value 20 points for a combined sum of 100 points): What was the wrong that occurred on May 7th, 2000, in Jacksonville, FL and how did it direct to Brenton Butler seemly a augur? What were the arguments of the protection in the event? What errors were made by police during the ventilation? How could police bear conducted a emend ventilation? Identify the indication the prosecution had across Butler. What contradictions were presented in this indication/testimony? Do you consider this indication was ample to earn a assurance? If not, what attached nice indication would be needed? Under what situation was Detective Glover conducive to earn a profession from Butler? Explain how Detective Darnell earned the “written” profession. What was the issue of the event? What were the reasons customary by jurors for reaching their finding? Were you surprised by the issue? Why or why not?